To tired to sleep.


Are you in a judgmental mood? Cause I kinda feel like being  myself today.

Intricate worlds

follow your nose

The sun is already well above the horizon, but I go on down anyway.
It’s a tiny paradise of riotous sound down here, a cacophony of birds – funny to think we associate being in nature with quiet, when it can be so very noisy.
A red-winged blackbird flies straight at me as if to say, Hello! Where have you been? It’s been a few days, and you’ve missed all kinds of things – the buds are all over the trees, the geese have taken over the duck ponds, and they fight with the muskrat who’s always after their eggs, and the turtles are back, and so much is going on… what happened to you?red-winged blackbird speaksThe push-pull – some days I think, really I don’t need any more half-assed nature photos, so I skip it, stay home and do yoga.
Other days I head out, starting with a kind of…

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Hello world!

I have decided to Start blogging because sometimes you wanna say stuff, you wanna express how you feel, tell your opinion ans let people know what you think without having to directly here/see the judgement. Im going to post what’s going on in my life, how I feel etc and the great thing is no body in the whole wide world other than myself knows it is me! As i’m only just starting off it is a bit shaky but I am a fast learner, and hopefully i wil soon get the hang of it.